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Thread: Difference between team and party wording

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    Difference between team and party wording

    So what?s the difference between those words team and party? There are cards that says for example ?inflict poison damage to the/your team? but inflict to the whole party making them things confusing.

    Also there are cards saying ?inflict poison damage to the party? but inflict to just 1 team when it?s supposed to hurt the whole party :s I don?t understand how the wording in GAEA?s world really works here.

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    Hi Roberto, I still play HOC occasionally and really love the gameplay, also, I usually play in Italian, so those who read, please correct me if I am wrong

    A Party consists of 3 Teams. Each Team contains 4 cards.
    If Poison damage affects the Party it should inflict damage to all Teams in the Party.

    However, there are other factors. Result may depend on if it is an absolute effect, or if it has a % chance of effect. There may be are active counter-effects in the opponent's Teams/Party (such as revive, reflect).

    If none of those, and you still have doubts, then probably it is a good idea to write to Customer Support with a screenshot and explain why you think there may be a mistake.
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