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Thread: New AvA Rule

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    New AvA Rule

    In AvA, all of the most powerful players in a certain realm form an alliance JUST for AvA, and they always come out at #1. It's not fair to the rest of us, who work hard with our alliances, for the biggest players of any realm to make an alliance JUST for AvA, and then to go back to their previous alliances after winning the competition. My suggestion is this: only alliances created BEFORE the AvA announcement PM is sent out can compete in AvA, all others must sit out.

    EDIT: on the same note, only players who joined an alliance before the announcement (regardless of when the alliance was created) should be able to get the prizes.
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    That's a valid point - there already is a 48-hour cool-down on participation for players joining alliances after AvA has started. Do you see this request as additional or as a substitute for this limitation?

    Would be great to see some more comments on this idea !

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