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Thread: Clan Disbanded, please help

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    Clan Disbanded, please help

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to look since this game is fairly new but this was the best thing I could find that I thought could offer me some sort of help.

    So when I logged in to the game today I got a message in the mail "Clan Disband Notice" I'm really confused because it's only been like two days since I made the clan and I'm the leader and I definitely didn't give the go ahead to disband it.

    I haven't appointed anyone in the clan out of maybe 4 members to the position to authorize a disband, but I don't know too much about how clans work in this game yet cause I'm still somewhat new, I joined a few days after the games notification came out and made the can a few days ago.

    It was a clan for relaxed casual play called AzurLane

    It really annoyed me to see that my clan was somehow disbanded without my consent

    I really hope a solution for this can be figured out soon

    Thanks in advance to those who offer some sort of help

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    Not sure what happened there, but can definitely enquire!

    In the meantime, if you tap the 4 diamond icon below the Bag (bottom right), then tap on Settings, you can reach Customer Center by tapping on the last tag on the right. Or email
    Together with your explanation above, if you have screenshots, send them too!
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