First, I have an idea.
Do you know Clash Of Clans? In that game, when you attack a village, you get to place your troops anywhere while attacking. If you don?t get it, play yourself.
Now, in this game, when your troops march to the enemies city, they attack on there own.
So, I have an idea.
(This is not for spying, this is for attacking)
2 attacking modes:
1 (Original):
Cost: 100 to 250,000 gold (depending on fortress level)
When troops march to the city, they do the original attacking way.
2 (Custom):
Cost: No cost to play the custom way
When troops march to the city, it launches a ?clash of clans style attack?. It will show the city, then you can place your troops anywhere near the wall. It will give more of a strategy feel to the game.
Thanks for reading!
I think this will make the game feel alive again.