The game team has implemented merges as yet another option to maintain activity levels and competitiveness. Less active servers will be merged; however, players will still have the option to use a world port in the event that they don?t like the server to which they were merged.

Q: I?m nervous about this merge concept. What if I don?t like the new world? Will I have the choice to port somewhere else? A: Yes. Ports will stay as an option, to allow players to choose the world which best suits them.

Q: Will several servers merge into a new world, like during Kabam?s merges in 2014, or will we merge into an existing world? A: Players will be merged into a newly-created server.

Q: Will I have a choice between two or more worlds? Or will I be assigned a new world? A: You will not have a choice. You will be assigned a new world.

Q: Will I have to merge to keep playing? Or can I stay behind in my current world (like in the 2014 merges)? A: You will have to merge to keep playing. Players will be moved to the target server, and the old server will be deleted - you will not be able to access it anymore.

Q: What if I don?t choose to merge right away? A: The choice will then be made for you, and the next time you log in, you will find yourself in the designated server.

Q: Are there any limits on what will merge from my primary account? A: Generally most things will merge; however, items like heroes will not be combined, of course. Also, your blacksmith level will limit the amount of gear you can merge, so please take this time to do some serious evaluation of what you have in the blacksmith. Recent gear will be given the priority for retention, but remember Grail Wars pieces can be quite old. Please make sure you have plenty of free space if your server is going to merge.

Q: Will I be able to bring all of my resources, world gems, etc.? A: Yes

Q: What will happen if I have an existing character on two or more of the servers that are merged? A: You will be prompted to choose which character you want to keep as your primary character after the merge. The other character(s) will be merged into the primary character.

Q: Will I be able to merge my inventories from my other accounts, if they are merging to the same world as my main? Or will I lose my gear/gems/heroes etc. from my non-primary account(s)? A: You will be prompted to choose which account you want to keep as your primary account after the merge. Gems will be merged into your main account, so will your gear. However you can't merge any more gear than your blacksmith can store, so please be very careful to make sure there is plenty of space as recommended above. Heroes will not be merged. Your main account heroes will be retained only.

Q: Will my alliance level and skills travel to the new world? A: They will be tied to the account of the Alliance Chancellor, so this is entirely dependent on the Chancellor's decisions.

Q: Will my own level, skills, research, etc. travel to the new world? A: Yes, the level, skills, research, etc. of the account which you select as your primary account will travel to the new world.

Q: Will my name transfer to the new server. A: Yes, with the extension of the server number. Example: Thor merged to server 121 will become Thor 121.

Q: Will my alliance name travel with us? A: The alliance name will travel with the Alliance Chancellor.

Q: Will NA and EU servers be merged together? A: This will not happen in the first step. However, you may request a merge between a NA and an EU server. If a sufficient number of players from both servers request to merge together, this will be allowed.

Q: What happens to server leaderboards? A: All your stats travel to the new world, and you will be ranked according to how you place compared to other players on the new (target) server.

Q: Will the price of servers be lowered for porting after merges? A: We have no plans to adjust prices at this time.

Q. I used to be able to place at a good ranking for me in competitions on my server. The way the game prizes are structured, it?s often worthless to place below a certain rank. How will I be able to be competitive? A: There are a couple issues in that question. 1) Prize rankings may be adjusted to allow for better prizes at lower ranks. 2) You may have to compete harder to place at the ranking you like; however, this would likely be a result of having more action and players on your new server.

Q: I paid money and/or stamina in campaign to acquire portal deeds so I could port, and dropped might to reduce the number of deeds I needed. Will you reimburse me for what I spent, since I could have just waited and merged for free? A: Compensation will not be offered since ports and merges are different functions. Porting is a service which gives players the opportunity to choose at the individual level where they would like to play. By porting, you got to play on the world and with the players of your choice, on your own timeframe.

Q: Will all worlds be merged? A: We do not have a plan to merge all servers in the near future. We will start by merging low activity worlds, and then assess which worlds to merge in a second round.

Note: We have to consolidate worlds in order to keep the game vibrant and active. But please remember that you will continue to have the option to port to another world, from the list of available choices, subject to the porting requirements. Please also note that the above items are subject to change. This document is designed to be a guide and will be updated as the merge process continues to evolve.