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Thread: Weekly Giveaway!

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    Peor pel?cula/ jardiner

    Peor pel?cula. La playa.
    El Jard?n y el huerto: Me gustan las plantas verdes para casa, con flores blancas para el jard?n y el huerto !! Por supuesto!!. Un poco de todo.
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    I love fruit and veg, I'm am one of the many loyal players!!! So yeh I'd love to win

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    Fruit, and flowers as fruit tree blossom with lots of flowers and smell.

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    I'm not a gardener

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    Best answer

    As a prepper, I do alot of gardening, I teach my sons how to live off the land. I also teach our community cub scouts how to grow veggies in our part of the world. Its truly a blessing.

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    We bought the house we live in for it's garden, lovely big flower beds and a large veg plot (very under used!) And a wildlife section with frogs, newts and bugs galore 🐞

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    Smile Winners Announced !

    Congratulations to our winners this week! RanchHand, Seldon, Soloana and Armyzniper556 (including an extra entry for the "bad movie" giveaway)! Thank you for including your ID and server - Rewards will be sent directly to your inventory!

    Keep dropping in for more chances at great giveaways!
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