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Thread: New Update!

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    New Update!

    Hey Heroes! Big news!
    The next game update is just around the corner and we wanted to share with you a few of the items coming your way very soon!

    New Features:
    :arrow_forward: World Merges: Discover active new worlds with friends new and old! Coming soon after Update (No Mergers will be happening during the update. You will get more of a heads up beforehand.)
    :arrow_forward: Chat and Mail Translation- To Help with Communication
    :arrow_forward: Introducing the Grim Escort! The Mysterious Resource Carrier!

    :arrow_forward: Alias for Knights
    :arrow_forward: Use of Conscript
    :arrow_forward: Gear Details in Round Tower
    :arrow_forward: Clover Timer
    :arrow_forward: Divine Lab Buff Applicability
    :arrow_forward: Font Coloration and UI Fixes
    :arrow_forward: Recall Mining March Confirmation
    :arrow_forward: Crystal Icon Change
    :arrow_forward: Dragon Crusade
    :arrow_forward: Alliance Tournament
    :arrow_forward: Reduce Porting Time
    :arrow_forward: Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:
    :arrow_forward: GW: Info Refresh
    :arrow_forward: GW: Attack Notification
    :arrow_forward: GW: Unable to Port

    Player Request (these are things requested specifically by you and your peers):
    :arrow_forward: Mergers
    :arrow_forward: More Resources for All
    :arrow_forward: Clover Timer Return
    :arrow_forward: Items to Increase Reassigning March Size
    :arrow_forward: Carmot Mining Buff Item
    :arrow_forward: UI Fixes
    :arrow_forward: Crash Fixes

    We will be sharing these later with a more in depth look at specific features! Stay tuned!

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    It what world

    What worlds is this update for?

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