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Thread: Weekly Giveaway!

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    Weekly Giveaway!

    Hail and Well Met! Enter for a chance to win the below items! Three lucky winners will win:

    Emerald Moss Stone x20,
    Venison x1,
    Essence of Fury x10,
    Dragon Ticket x5

    Winners will be chosen May 8th! To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this thread with your player id and server number!

    What's your favorite bad movie? Now that's not what is your least favorite movie, this is what movie do you love to hate. Others can't stand it, but you will watch over and over. Tell us why!

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    Il film che odio preferito

    Il film che odio preferito ? the artist perch? anche se ? un film dal aspetto molto comune e simile a molti altri e anche un po? apparentemente noioso ? un film molto bello e sfizioso da vedere anche pi? volte
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    Rocky. Absolutely crap acting but feel good film!

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    Winners Announced!

    Congratulations to our winners this week! They are Moxie and Giobonty! Thank you for including your ID and server - Rewards will be sent directly to your inventory!

    Keep dropping in for more chances at great giveaways!

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