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Thread: Death of Dragon Age

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    Death of Dragon Age

    With the ability of lieutenants being able to be assigned to the attacking general, and the opponents defense general not having the same capability, is causing a huge discrepancy between %?s. What used to take hours of hitting an opponent to zero them, now is possible in only 18 minutes. And that example is of an account that has been built for years. Which leads to my opinion that the game is going to lose players who don?t want to be bubbled for life, in order to protect their investment of time and money. In the current state of the game, it?s not likely that a zeroed out player will try to come back from such a huge loss, seeing how the resources aren?t readily available to rebuild such an account. And if they do have the fortitude to come back, it?s just going to happen again, seeing how the game mechanics are still the same. I?ve enjoyed playing this game and being competitive with a team, but in all reality, if I lose my three+ years of playing in 20 minutes because I was busy in real life and didn?t make it back to bubble in time, I myself will most likely be contemplating the point of playing the game anymore. Hope this sparks some sort of thoughtful possible solutions and ideas to keep players like me enjoying the game for years to come.

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    I completely agree with that. The lieutenant-mechanic may be nice in the AvA or when a partial defence is beeing attacked on a normal server (in both cases the attacker AND the defender have lieutenants), but on Dragon Age server and in case of a full deff on a normal server, where the defender does NOT have them, the mechanic is completely unbalanced.

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