With the arrival of Easter, fun Easter events with best-value items have opened. Thank you champions, for your contribution to the Kingdom of Camelot. You are welcome to participate in these events and receive multiple rewards!

Event Time: April 20, 00:00 - April 25, 23:59 (UTC)

Collect the following Eggs to exchange for Celestial Arthur, Maeldun, Creek Elf and Vulcanus.
- Camelot Easter Egg: Exchange for it using Exploits in Guild Shop. This week's Guild Wars session yields double Exploits.
- Druid Easter Egg: Obtained from Easter Exclusive Arena. One session is available a day for six days. Daily cap is 100.
- Demon Easter Egg: Challenge Icemaw in Dragon's Nest to win. The more levels you clear, the more of this item you will get.
- Festival Easter Egg: Obtained from purchasing without discount/promotion.

1. Over the course of the event, you can get 2 of each of the following from daily login reward: Camelot Easter Egg, Druid Easter Egg, Demon Easter Egg.
2. Buy Easter Chest to win one random Egg of the 4 Eggs, only for 69 Gems.
3. Camelot Easter Eggs, Druid Easter Eggs, and Demon Easter Eggs can only be used to exchange for one 7 star card of their corresponding faction.
4. Festival Easter Eggs can be used to exchange for any card. Up to 3 copies of each 7 star card, and 4 copies of each 8 star card.
5. The Exchange Shop will be restocked on April 26th. Please exchange for your rewards before they become unavailable.

Happy Easter to you!
HoC Team