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Thread: very tired!!

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    Angry very tired!!

    hello everybody,
    i am a player italian from server Olympias(id 275), Prometheus(id 276) and a lord of the biggest alliance in italian realms. i open this post because me like many others are really tired of behaviour of italian mods Auron90 and Mandragora and also Ceridwen. after many times that we have written to gaea customer service, Gaea fb page about our problems with them happened nothing: they still around italian servers. they continue with lies(for example about rubies monthly), they write **** things against players and they not help all. We cannot accept this !!! and Gaea if is a seriuos company should not accept too and should take some actions against them.
    We all really are tired of this behaviour and some of us left the game for this(HOW GAEA CAN ACCEPT THIS BEHAVIOUR!?!? are years that they do this).Their goal is only to take that rubies monthly...
    With this post i also want write to all others mods that are in group with them: i believe you all are not like them with your players but for their behaviour the entire group of mod is going down and also if you work so hard your reputation cannot increase.

    we all want game better with more players and more funs things, but really we are tired of their behaviour.

    with this post i want keep you aware and i hope Gaea will do something. we cannot go on with this situation.

    thanks for attention,


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    Hello we are working on improving communication and that included between the mods and the players I will see if we can make some changes and maybe bring on a few more mods and open up interviews for these positions

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