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Thread: Dragon Domination (AvA)

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    Dragon Domination (AvA)

    So I have been reading alot of negative comments around AvA groups, times, facing same alliances over and over etc etc. There have been a few ideas put forward that I would like to post here for other realms to see.

    Remove the current groupings all together, and have one totally global AvA system.

    Obviously with the removal of groups there would be a lot more alliances playing, so the current tiers can be added to, for example could have 6.

    Diamond, Platinum, gold, silver, bronze, stone.

    Alliances are initially placed based on alliance power, but after that at the end of each season an alliance is moved UP OR DOWN a tier based on their win/loss from that season, so an alliance with more wins than loses would move up a tier, one with more losses than wins would move down a tier, and an alliance with equal win/loss (assuming 6 round season) would remain in same tier. This could be included in the mail with alliance Ava rewards received when Ava ends. "Your alliance has strengthened to Gold tier for the next Dragon Domination" for example.

    The point system currently used remains the same. Rankings within tiers based on points scored, daily prizes etc.

    Now the bigger change, to accommodate all these global realms/alliances. Change the play time system to the one used by skirmish. An alliance can enlist to play in ONE of 6 times offered. For example 6.30am, 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm, 10.30pm, 2.30am. I intentionally offset the times by half hour to try and avoid clashes with arena reset, Z boss etc which normally occur on the hour. All times mentioned would be UTC (some what irrelevant).

    This would allow an alliance to pick the best time for THEIR players and not be forced by gaea (and thus create alot of negative).

    Match ups would be done quite simply by alliances ranked closest to each other. For example if 4 alliances enlist to play at 2.30pm that day, ranked 2nd, 6th, 11th, 17th then 2nd would play 6th and 11th would play 17th. Where there was a odd number enlisted an alliance from tier below could be used.

    We believe this system would create fair play for all because after 2-3 seasons the strongest would get filtered up to top tiers and weakest get moved down. It would also create MANY different match ups that are currently impossible, which fixes the current boredom of same groups/alliances over and over.

    There could even be a "Champions League" event at end of each year where the top 4 realms in each tier are matched up.

    All the technical software is there for this to be done, tiers currently exist, skirmish enlist system exists. I see no reason this couldn't be implemented.

    Please add to this thread if you have an idea that would even further improve this system.

    If you have read this far thanks for your time
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    I really like the idea above and think it has some real potential, so please add your comments here below.

    For your convenience, here is a link to the translation in:


    (more to come)

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    Ok so people have been messaging me.

    A few have raised concerns that the win/loss being used for promotion or demotion from a tier is quite harsh, because on close matches you may only lose by a few points so don't deserve to be demoted. They have suggested using points earned to determine it by having the top 50 promoted and bottom 50 demoted (numbers purely example).

    I see merit in that, and would have no issue if it was used.

    However I stand by my original plan because it would create more movement between tiers, creating many more different match ups each season. There is possibility that by only moving a fixed amount of alliances that the top tier would become very stagnant - as in the top 90% would never get demoted and face each other over and over.

    The concern of "being demoted" is more of perception than reality, if the tier rewards are of little difference then moving down a tier should only serve as motivation to do better next season. I purposely did not suggest tier prizes in my original post as they can be tweaked at any point once the new system is in place. I personally would like to see the daily point based rewards from inside AvA to be greatly increased, to be overall better than the final alliance wide reward. That would encourage more fierce fighting for every point each day.

    One change that was suggested that I strongly agree with is that only alliance officers can enlist an alliance, if we moved to skirmish enlist system then an alliance would be able to pick from the 6 available times immediately which is exactly the point. But also would be open to sabotage from rivals getting a player into the alliance. So by making only officers can enlist this is solved (also fixes someone mistakenly pressing the button when "looking").

    Another idea that was floated was to have 1 single tier with all alliances in (exactly same as skirmish also). And expand reward brackets to fit all alliances in. Rankings would be carried over from previous season (points reset of course). So rank 1 would start in rank 1 next season etc etc, this is to avoid strongest alliances facing less strong at the start of each new season. While I'm not opposed to this, I do think it's a bit boring, but again, if gaea could more easily implement this I would be happy with it.

    Please comment if you wish.

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