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Thread: Comradery event FAQ - April 2019

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    Comradery event FAQ - April 2019

    In the spirit of camaraderie, this new event binds players together, as recruiters and new recruits, offering powerful rewards for both parties as the new recruits level up!

    How to enter:
    To enter the event, tap the Comradery icon (handshake) in the event sidebar, or tap the information board in your city and select [Go to]. This brings up the Comradery invitation screen.

    Recruiters (Players level 40+):
    - You will see a server-specific Invite Code appear, which you can copy and paste into the world chat / alliance chat on any server, to invite new recruits.

    New Recruits (players who downloaded the game for the first time after the event started):
    Tap on the invite code in world/alliance chat and select [copy] , then go to the Comradery Invitation Screen, paste the code and
    - the player name and original server of your Recruiter will then appear to you.

    1. The invite code is NOT a gift code, so will not work in the gift code section of the Settings menu
    2. The invite code will not work if the new recruit is not a new account created after the beginning of the event.
    3. Recruiters may recruit more than 10 new players, but will only receive a maximum of 10 sets of rewards.

    If you have followed all the instructions and something is not working, please contact Gaea Customer support via the game (Settings/Help/Contact Support) or by email:
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