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    Question Classic Armor Petition

    Dear MadameLeota

    The last update to Elves vs Dwarves includes an announcement about Armor coming for Mounts.

    I would like to request an opportunity of introducing ?Arborists Chest? drops into the Goblin Campaigns, on both Classic servers.
    We all pass around our Starter Militia dagger and many have even taken chances to upgrade it! Allowing our Heroes to wear Miner?s gear would be perceived as some overdue Love coming from Gaea for our loyalty, as a baby step towards introduction of obtaining Trader?s gear for outstanding Event participants.
    I truly believe this will not initially off-balance a sense of ?progression? that as been overlooked. Eventually, just maybe, we could see a toned down Gear button added to the Sage?s tower, but I am only planting a seed for Developers to ponder upon.

    ~ Zumber
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    Though the stats haven't been released, based on the gear available, I don't think that the mount gear is appropriate for Classic either. I have brought this to Fellowship, and Madame Leota is aware of the situation too. Hopefully we get more information in the coming week.
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