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Thread: Weekly Giveaway!

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    Weekly Giveaway!

    Hail and Well Met! Enter for a chance to win the below items! Three lucky winners will win:

    Cerulean Crystal x5,
    Willow Crystal x5,
    Power Tome Vol II x10,
    Exclusive Recruiting Token x2

    Winners will be chosen April 10th! To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this thread!

    Tell us about a great prank you saw or pulled!

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    Ich am in holiday

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    Broma Hecha o vista

    Las bromas que hacen todas las ma?anas en el programa de C?rdenas, hechas por el Brasas a los taxistas, se hace pasar por un e tranjero, y Le hacen dar vueltas por el mismo sitio y se hace el tonto, al final cuando el taxista est? tan enfadado que lo echa de all?, y casi Le pega, se descubre la broma, y se Le da un regalo por haber aguantado el mal trago

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    J ai rien qui me vient 😂

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    Great prank

    How calling a dog without leg? We don t calling we go to take him...

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    Put a helium balloon in the toilet and closed the lid the night after watching ?it? My teen kids reactions were priceless!

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    Oyunda general vermiyordunuz turnuvalarda ve g?nl?k ?d?l?n fazla olsun savanadan 10 saat zor topluyoruz koyunları itifak turnelerinde daha fazla asker verilsin ava ?d?l? ?ok k?t? avada daha fazla asker verilsin

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    Finally I?m here

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    Yo soy m?dico y la broma m?s com?n es hacer que los estudiantes nombren gente con nombres de doble sentido

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    I added salt in my wife's chai.... And it was funny to see her reaction....

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