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Thread: Introducing Dragon Crusade!

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    Introducing Dragon Crusade!

    We plan to open the new Dragon Crusade from 03:00-07:00 (UTC) on March 31. During the crusade, you will be able to find information by entering through the current events page in the building to the left of your castle.

    When the dragon appears, all players on the server can attack it together to defend your home.

    Slay the dragon and you will have the opportunity to win big rewards. We ride together to fight the back this fiery invasion. We must join together to protect our homes!

    Event Date: March 31, 19:00~23:00 (UTC)

    Note: the second Dragon Crusade is being tested on S127,S131,S134 and S137. We look forward to introducing the Magma Dragon to other servers soon.

    KBN Team

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    Dragon Spear

    Where do we get the Dragon Spear? I claimed the crests in the round house but cannot find the spear

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