Hello Heroes! Great news! 15.2 is just around the corner! We are busy making this game better and still have a few things to add but the date will be announced very soon! Details for these will be posted later

New Features
-Equip your Mount with new gear - Gear for Common Tarpan released soon!

-Color contrast issues resolved in various areas of UI
-PVE Stamina rules
Community Requests
-Dummy items have been removed from inventory (about 65 items with no use)
-Mirlith Pop Up Purchase Confirmation
- Removal of Winter Theme
-Increase items that can be used in batches (more sliders)

Bug Fixes
-Security strengthened (remove access of game to bot programs)
-Optimized the display of resource output
-Fixed chat issue on Note 9
-Miscellaneous bug fixes

We hope to have another update shortly after this one with more fixes as well!