Full list of Dummy Items removed:
March War Trophy
Alliance March War Trophy
2018 S2 Individual Trophy
2018 S2 Individual(XW) Trophy
2018 S2 Alliance Trophy
2018 S2 Alliance(XW) Trophy
Daily Chest Pass (Mar 27)
Easter Bunny
Easter Red Egg
Easter Green Egg
April War Trophy
Alliance April War Trophy
Daily Chest Pass (Apr 25)
"May War Trophy "
Alliance May War Trophy
Enchanted Arrow
Daily Chest Pass (May 31)
June War Trophy
Alliance June War Trophy
2018 S3 Individual Trophy
2018 S3 Individual(XW) Trophy
2018 S3 Alliance Trophy
2018 S3 Alliance(XW) Trophy
July War Trophy
Alliance July War Trophy
Grey Coin
Jade Coin
Amber Coin
August War Trophy
Alliance August War Trophy
2018 S4 Individual Trophy
2018 S4 Individual(XW) Trophy
2018 S4 Alliance Trophy
2018 S4 Alliance(XW) Trophy
Daily Chest Pass (Aug 18)
September War Trophy
Alliance September War Trophy
Statue of the Dead
Autumn Crystal
Autumn Pearl
Daily Chest Pass (Sept 30)
October War Trophy
Alliance October War Trophy
Cackling Pumpkin
Screaming Specter
Sluggish Skull
2018 November War Trophy
2018 Alliance November War Trophy
2018 S5 Individual Trophy
2018 S5 Individual(XW) Trophy
2018 S5 Alliance Trophy
2018 S5 Alliance(XW) Trophy
Thanksgiving Feast
2018 December War Trophy
2018 Alliance December War Trophy
Christmas Bell
Christmas Star
Christmas Tree
2019 January War Trophy
2019 Alliance January War Trophy
2019 S1 Individual Trophy
2019 S1 Individual(XW) Trophy
2019 S1 Alliance Trophy
2019 S1 Alliance(XW) Trophy

These are useless items that were clogging up players inventory and will not be used again.