Main Worlds:
Season two of 2019 has been announced: Dates: 3/14-3/31

This season comes with a new addition to the grouping system. In the last season we had 3x AXW groupings, this season will now have 4x AXW groupings
Group A: 209,210,217,228,230,271
Group B: 216, 220,229,270,273,275
Group C: 128,138,140,218,219,272
Group D: 141,142,226,227,266,274

In addition to the AXW groupings, this season will also have 2x IXW groupings.
Group 1: Group A/B from AXW
Group 2: Group C/D from AXW

Alliances will lock starting 3/14/19 at 15:00 Game Time, until the prizes are paid out.

Classic and 199 Seasons will be announced soon