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Thread: 100 Terrwyn Tokens Giveaway!

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    100 Terrwyn Tokens

    Lord Of The Rings ( trilogy) the the Hobbit . great movies, great special effects

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadameLeota View Post
    Hail and Well Met! Enter for a chance to win the below items! Three lucky winners will win:

    100 x Terrwyn Tokens

    Winners will be chosen March 3rd! To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this thread!

    What is your favorite movie and why?

    We also have a giveaway going here on our Facebook if you want to double up on your winnings!
    Favorite movies are the Lotr trilogy. Because it was the first movie I saw that was based on a book, which lived up to what I was hoping for the movie would be like. Usually the book is way better then the movie, but in the case of the Lotr trilogy the movies are almost as good as the books.

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    My favorite

    Honestly, I would really like to praise the universe of DС, because I am a fan of superheroes who cause people to work and be able to do something useful for other people! This is very important when you are ready to go to the feat for the people without demanding anything in return! One of these films is the return of Superman! Such an actor is very well chosen with charisma! There, more affected how people perceive not their own kind, not a person from our planet! This film has its origins since the beginning of Serial Mystery Smallville! I can look at it several times and understand that how everything what we do is all a trifle compared to what happens in the universe!

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    Any comedy because who doesn?t love a good laugh!

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    My favorite movie is titanic. This is a classic, always as I watch, cry ...

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    Drag me to hell))) old horror movie, very good))))) I advise you to watch ...

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    I generally love cartoons, I constantly watch with my daughters))))

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    My favorite movie, Freddy Kruger all parts)) classics of the genre ...

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    My favorite film? This is my life in which I am my own sovereign ....

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    The ice age, the squirrel is super class, when I first saw it, I fell from my chair laughing)))))

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