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Thread: Its past time to update Merlin

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    Its past time to update Merlin

    Please oh please update the second half of Merlin Madness.

    Its pretty discouraging getting level 13-15 jewels, then getting level 14 and 15 jewel tokens. It just feels wrong to get total master hammer packs below level 16. We are on level 20 hammers now and level 18 jewels. There are also knight upgrades that far too low to be considered 'prize' worthy.

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    what would you like to see in these changes?

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    Thank you for responding MadameLeota. I'll have to get used to speedy responses again.

    Simply removing those items is a good start. It would increase the odds of getting something better.

    I don't have the patience to play the second half of Merlin when I get inferior items. Its a waste of tokens. If its a waste of tokens, some might consider a waste of money. Increase value received to increase money spent.

    Since I can't stand playing the second half of Merlin with any consistency, I assume the following aren't there and can be added:

    Level 17 jewels
    Level 19/20 hammers
    10x20K carmot (why were 10x20K carmot removed from climb the tower lower levels?)
    Level 18 jewel shards
    Sir Stone Medals
    Sage Orb
    Amaranth Orb (when released)
    Epic and better dust chests (like the bronze, silver, etc) (what happened to epic dust chests in Arthur or climb the tower?)
    Divination Lab Speeds

    There's a few items I think are better.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Bonz in 128

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