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Thread: Weekly Giveaway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAjika View Post
    It's a pitty that players can no longer command their dragons where they should go (Dragon Lair)
    If you select HD quality graphics, you will find you can still command your dragon to move around the lair for frame rate/lag, please contact support for device compatibility:

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    Glitch i want to see fixed

    The disappearing march is the glitch i would like to see fixed. You have to send another to make it reappear

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    A bug that I would love to be fixed is when you send out a march and the march doesn?t appear. When you then try to send the same general on a second march, it says ?Error, general already in use.? or something along those lines. Very annoying when trying to farm quickly.

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    Weekly Giveaway

    The frequent disappearing marches that also have message on next March General not available already used. This causes a lot of frustration when farming and collecting stones. Next March will not send until Disappearing March reappears

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    Congrats to our winners this week!They are jeewee, Bettasnack, and brianpaquin77! I'll be messaging you to get your info and give you your prizes

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