Dear Atlantians!

A special Valentine's Day event is here.
Help Cupid defeat the Guardians of Flora, collect Roses of Love to make Rose Bouquet, which can be used to exchange for Valentine gifts from the Mystery Shop.

Event Time: 0:00, February 12 - 23:59, February 17 (UTC)

Go collect roses, and spread the love in Atlantis!

Starting from 12:00 (server local time), Flowerbeds of Love will spawn every 30 minutes for 4 times.
Note: You have to be in an Alliance to join this event.

A. Teaming Up
1. Once the event starts, you can initiate Rally Attacks against Flowerbeds of Love, or join Rally Attacks led by your allies. A team can hold up to 2 players and they have to be from the same Alliance.
2. When you initiate a Rally Attack, you can set the waiting time before the march begins (5/15/20 minutes). If a joining ally didn't make it for the march, they would turn back to their city after reaching the rally point (the initiator/team leader's city).
3. A player can only initiate one Rally Attack against the same Flowerbed of Love at any one time, but can join multiple Rally Attacks initiated by other players.

B. The Battle
1. A team of 2 will receive damage bonus, while a team of 1 will not.
2. Your personal buffs (General abilities, researches) will not benefit your teammates.
3. If the targeted Flowerbed of Love disappeared before your team arrive (eliminated or respawned), your team will turn back after reaching the Flowerbed's location.
4. Both team members can speed up the march.

C. Claiming Rewards
Types of rewards during the event are as follows:
1. Attack reward: Reward based on your damage against the targeted Flowerbed of Love each time you attack.
2. Final blow reward: Reward for dealing a final blow against Flowerbeds of Love. Available for the whole team.
3. Progressive damage reward: Reward based on the total damage bracket you end up in.
4. Ranking reward: Reward based on your Alliance's total damage ranking. This is only available for Alliance members who have dealt at least 1 damage against Flowerbeds of Love during the event, and remain in the Alliance when the event ends.
Note: If you quit your Alliance halfway through the event, your Alliance contribution will be erased, but your personal damage will be kept.

D. Exchanging for Items
1. You can exchange Roses of Love you have obtained from this event for items in the Exchange page.
2. The Flowerbeds of Love event lasts 5 days. Flowerbeds of Love won't spawn on the last day. Please keep an eye on the event time and exchange for items in time.