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    We have fixed the issue of servers being down over the weekend during Grail Wars. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.The issue should be resolved but we are still looking into it to make sure it does not happen again. You can always make a ticket to customer support in the future as well if we are not responsive at :)

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    Downtime over the weekend

    I raised a ticket after I was locked out of the game over the weekend. Ticket number is 531448.
    I was unable to compete in the trainathon whilst logged out and have missed out on two bouquets which I would have won by speeding ques. In all I was locked out over two hours as were many other people on our server. Most of my 50 strong alliance were locked out. As usual Japer response is to avoid the issue by just saying it's fixed when he knows full well it was a Gaea issue and that some sort of compensation should be given. I am frankly sick of Japer ignoring issues and deliberately avoiding putting them right by just giving irrelevant responses. This issue over the weekend will mean that I will not end up being able to get the prizes I wanted at the end of the collectors season.. can you please look at the ticket number and respond.
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