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Thread: New Summon Storm !!

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    New Summon Storm !!

    A Summon Storm is heading towards Camelot!

    Event time: 1/21 7:00 ~ 1/23 7:00 (UTC)
    During this event, summon Pool rates for 6★ and 7★ cards will be tripled.
    Take advantage of this Summon Storm for the chance of winning the following 7★ cards, Hanzo, Medusa, Sir Lamorak, Amethyst Dragon, Freyja and Golden Uther.
    And the player on each server who summons the most cards will automatically receive a Ifrit Djinn card for FREE

    Good luck and have fun!

    HOC Team

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    Funny how you never respond

    I just wanted to say, I think it is down right disgusting how Gaea runs this game. These forums need taken down and you guys need to focus more on your lack of customer support rather than trying to find new ways to steal people's money. Frauding people out of money is not right. In fact, I encourage all players to simply look over what you should be getting in VIP rewards vs what you don't get..... And I am talking thousands. Especially if you are vip6 or above. Do the math. They claim rewards don't "stack", yet nowhere does it say any reward is capped off at any point. This app has been reported to Google for fraud and non responsive customer service. It's only a matter of time before it gets taken down

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