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Thread: Boxed might not counted during season TOM

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    Boxed might not counted during season TOM

    I have visual evidence that shows that I opened a large amount of boxed might and my TOM score before and after the opening didn't change, yet my boxed might is gone. I checked my score immediately after opening, 30 minutes after opening, and at the end of tourney. My score never changed.
    I have screen shots with time stamps.

    I did train some troops for might at beginning of tourney. This may trigger the problem.

    I found that training troops may cause the scoring to start working again, but the opened might is gone out of inventory and is never counted. Once scoring starts working, it randomly fails.
    Unfortunately for me, it failed twice is same TOM while opening large amounts of T5.

    I heard of one other person with the same problem on server 219.

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    can you make a ticket? at theyd be able to help

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