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Thread: Wartune down?

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    Wartune down?

    Won?t let me log in to my account all it says is ?Network connection problem would you like to retry?? And I click confirm and it keeps giving me this issue. I can play any other multiplayer game on my phone, I can use any online apps including social media, and I?m currently writing this topic so I don?t see an issue with my connection. If anyone knows what I could do to fix this or if there?s a problem with Wartune please let me know!

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    mine doing the same thing .. I was hoping it wasn't my phone but had to post to make sure u know it's not just u

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    Wartune down

    Same problem. What is going on?
    I play on iPad but I don't think its an iPad issue

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    Happening to everyone

    Seems like it?s just an issue with Wartune, all my friends are having the same issue. Hope it?s resolved soon :/

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