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    Returning Player Question

    I haven't played for about 1.5 years. I cannot defeat the new campaign chapter. We used to spam camp when I last played. My knight was defeating ch5 and elite without troop loss. My question is what should I be sending nowadays and what knight? I used to use def knight + attack sword or all attack with 3 heroes marching. I also cannot find anyone I knew to ask on my server. I believe ppl migrated.

    Edit: Spelling. Any help is appreciated.
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    Can someone generate feedback?

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    Your alliance would be the best place to ask

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    Not sure what world you are in, but in 121. We use full defense knight for camp 1-3. A furied full attack knight,1 troop for camp 4, and the hero setup owain. gareth, and breunor. Should 00 each boss.

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