Greetings Hero,

Coming Soon! Competition to name the next Gear Set!

The Christmas Event starts on 12/20 at 15:00 UTC.
a) Collect as many Christmas Bells as you can, to win points in the Christmas Collection Mania;
b) Collect Christmas Stars and Christmas Trees to trade for various types of rewards in Lake Town Tower;
c) The Alliance that has the highest average placement in both AXW Christmas Mania and 2019 Season 1 AXW will be given the opportunity to rename the entire set "Arianna's Legendary Gear I" ;
d) Both Christmas AXW Mania and 2019 Season 1 will have the same groupings-
Group A: 217,220,228,230,270,271,272,273
Group B: 128,209,210,216,218,227,274,275
Group C: 138,140,141,142,219,226,229,266