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Thread: Locked out of many features

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    Locked out of many features

    In game name is Dragon's Queen.

    I started a new game on a new account about a week ago. I am in the hospital and had trouble connecting to their free server. When I first down loaded the game, everything appeared to be fine. The first odd thing I noticed was that there was no chat. Then I couldn't the access the world map. The only building not working is the one with the spirinites. I can sign into Skirmish but all I can do is sit there. I can't even sign into Zy.... (whatever).

    I have been on a couple of other WiFi networks while on day passes and everything would be working however as soon as I returned to the hospital things become wonky again.

    This last time though my tablet didn't get shut off. I am still able to access the world map, but only a small portion of it. Most of the items I received when attacking wilds and anthros were added to my inventory but the dragon food and essence of fury were not.

    Please help.
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    Hello Dragon Queen, in my work the WiFi block some game features, maybe it is your case. I can't chat (and I can't see nothing on chat box), I can't see map and my city is a mess.
    Try ask someone in IT department in hospital, for security reasons they block some ports used by games and some app.

    I hope you be better soon!!!
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    Hey guys please make a ticket with our cs @ they will be best to help you! if you want to pm me your ticket number i can follow it

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