More About AVA
AvA is a tournament where alliances or teams of alliances battle others from their realm or other realms.

It takes weeks to play out with top winner getting their alliance?s flag flown in all competitors? cities from that AvA. Every quarter there?s a championship round where the top finishers get their realm to face other top finishing realms.

For competitive realms and alliances it?s a chance to battle other players. For some it?s a chance to play alongside their alliance mates in battle. For others it?s competition plain and simple

Because many players don?t get to have pvp when they get big as
1. Players specifically save troops for ava.
2. Players are afraid of losing troops and as they are expensive and healing is not option and it hurts to lose so many. AVA is what they look forward to.

The basics of AvA is to conquer the buildings of the map, depending on the type of the building you get from 1 point per second to 50 points per seconds, and you win points during the time the buildings are in your possession.

The battles are to take the buildings from your rivals and get points for your alliance, or defend your buildings from them.

The way the game plays out:
there is a battlefield with 81 territories to conquer:
64 lands from 1 point per second (16 oases, 16 stables, etc.),
16 prodigies from 10 points per second
and the great prodigy of 50 points per second, the so-called 30/30 in as such are its coordinates.
It lasts 7 days, 7 battles of 2 hours each (20-22) in which the aim is to make more points than the opposing team, ie keep the lands for as long as possible, given that each land gives 1-10-50 points every second.

To take the daily prizes just enter the battle and make 1 point, that is to conquer a free land for only 1 second and to do this it is recommended to enter the beginning of the battle because all the land will be occupied in a very short time.