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Thread: Weekly Giveaway!

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    Holiday favorite Song

    Quote Originally Posted by MadameLeota View Post
    Hail and Well Met! This is our current giveaway! You can check last week's post for the winners from last time! Every Wednesday there will be a new giveaway where we pick three lucky winners to receive the below items!

    Emerald Moss Stone x20,
    Venison x1,
    Essence of Fury x10,
    Dragon Ticket x5

    Winners will be chosen December 19th! All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread answering our question! What is your favorite holiday song?
    Diving home for Christmas

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    Too much cross realm activity is a bad thing

    Too much cross realm activity is a bad thing.

    So GAEA has introduced a number of cross real activities recently. There is the Dragon Domination (AKA AvA). This was a pretty stable feature, enjoyed by many but there has always been a group of people who thought it ruined the game. It definitely changed some things about players willingness to risk a full wall. Then we had the battle royale or supper AvA. This was not much fun, chat was difficult due to language issues, and in this format everyone is a looser except for a very few super alliances. Skirmish has potential, but there are just too many participants and too few prizes. The cross realm tournament is even worse. Almost everyone walks away discouraged.

    There are many realms. And given all of the daily activities introduced in the last year, many people are limited in time to only really participating in one realm. And there are reasons that experienced players chose one realm over another. In some cases it is the players, or the style of play. In other cases it is just the need for a fresh start. Some realms has just a few big spenders who dominate, while other realms can be competitive at a lower level of spending. (GAEA most certainly gets their pound of flesh from me, I'm not a sore looser or a freeloader) in other realms it is quite expensive to complete and there are many big spenders.

    These cross realm activities smash the differences in style and homogenize all realms. In the medium to long term, this is likely to drive away the majority of players. It might leave the most profitable players as the last ones standing, but my guess is that even they will get bored when everyone else has left.

    Realm mergers are periodically necessary.
    But too many of these cross realm activities are discouraging and will drive away long term players.

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    My favorite song for Christmas is: "Un pastor puso la radio"... It's a song played in radio spot here, I like it since I was a child...
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    Favorite song

    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

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    Holiday Giveaway

    O Holy Night
    By Pavorotti (nobody does it better)

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    Congrats to our winners this week!They are Sapperraider, Seldon, and SugarPlumFairy! I'll be messaging you to get your info and give you your prizes!

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