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Thread: Mith not uploaded and more

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    Mith not uploaded and more

    I've paid for mith after the latest update. The game kept crashing straight after the purchase was initiated, no mith. Submitted all receipts but keep getting side walled for more information. The process is not transparent for putting complaints in as many of you have found out. How about addressing a few matters if serious concerns then just game questions and queries that get asked over and over folks? How about threads about real life hacking on services, and Gaea's policies on protecting our accounts? Loss if mith after purchases? Accounts and the missing games items after hacking? Hacking of events so the hackers are suddenly in the lead?...and more. Or have we become a complacent society where the gameing business time and again lets its customers down?

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    Can you dm me the ticket number and i can try and step in

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