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Thread: New PVP Event - Champion of 2018!

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    New PVP Event - Champion of 2018!

    Be prepared for the coming PVP Event - Champion of 2018!

    12/05/2018 => 12/19/2018

    Can you fight your way to the top? Will you battle alone or with the help of an alliance? With thousands of fighting Knights, who will you choose as your companions?
    Choose wisely, for the rewards are supreme! Fight for glory, pride and honor!

    (1) IMPORTANT! About "Home World"

    Before playing in the Champion of 2018 server, please first log into the account where you want your rewards to be sent.
    PVP server "Champion of 2018" can be found in the "English" server tab on December 05th at 16:00 UTC.


    I am from world 131. I want my rewards to be sent to world 131. I need to make sure I'm playing on 131 before I create an account on Champion of 2018.
    My rewards are then sent to world 131 after the event ends (within 72 hours of the realm closing).

    (Please notice that we're UNABLE to modify home worlds / send prizes elsewhere if these instructions are not followed.)


    (3) SERVER FEATURES:[*] INSANE rewards: Brand new Champion of 2018 Gear, Master Hammer (Lv20), plus tonnes of in-game content and Gems!
    [*] INTERNATIONAL SERVER: The server will be serviced in English
    [*] HARDCORE PvP: Hide troops OFF, Desertion ON
    [*] CLASSIC MODE - MAX Knight level 315
    [*] Limited shop, no troop sales. The shop will contain Merlin?s Token, Mini-Game items and Seal of Valor Packs.
    [*] No mercenary troops.
    [*] A super Merlin?s Game will be running providing items from a wide selection to help you develop your Kingdom!
    [*] City Deeds can be purchased BUT will also be sent out for FREE as the server progresses.
    [*] Key items (e.g. Gear) available in offers will also be made available in the Round Tower as the server progresses.
    [*] Time and Resource consumption of city construction have all been reduced massively!
    [*] Players qualifying for the event will receive their reward(s) on their home server after the server closes. Your HOME server will be chosen as the one you enter Champion of 2018 from.
    [*] Realm opens its gates on December 05th at 16:00 UTC
    [*] This realm has a level requirement - you must be above level 30 to enter.
    [*] There will be some mid-event breaks. See event schedule for details)

    Only one question remains....will you dominate the battlefield of Champion of 2018?

    For more info, please click this link:


    KBN Team
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    *All Attributes activated; Upgraded to Lv 20; No Jewel embedded. Knight Level requirement: *Lv 60 (Lv 315)

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