In this time of Thanksgiving, His Majesty King Arthur has prepared a nice dinner for you. Thanks for your contribution to Camelot! Your dedication makes the Grail shine. Honor and justice will exist forever!
HoC Team would also like to thank all the players. We invite all ladies and lords to our turkey dinner for your years of support. Welcome and please participate in Thanksgiving events actively for the big rewards!

Event Time: Nov. 20, 00:00 UTC - Nov. 26, 23:59 UTC

Collect following Thanksgiving dishes during event time, and exchange for extraordinary Heroes like Skadi, Ivan IV, Pluto Hades and Siegfried when you meet the standards!
- 1. Sparkling Cranberries: Exchange for this in Exploits Shop. Exploits are doubled this week
- 2. Pumpkin Pie: Win up to 100 of this in Thanksgiving Arena which lasts for 7 days in a row
- 3. Apple Pie: Challenge Icemaw in Dragon's Nest to win rewards based on the number of levels you have cleared
- 4. Roast Turkey: Get this from purchasing Gems. Only works for non-bonus purchases.

- 1. Sparkling Cranberries, Pumpkin Pies, and Apple Pies will be offered as a login bonus during the event (the bonus changes every day).
- 2. Please notice that each Thanksgiving Chest contains one of these four dishes randomly with no limitation. Only 69 Gems each!

Please make sure you exchange for you prizes before the deadline!
Happy Thanksgiving!

HOC Team