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Thread: 100 Terrwyn Tokens Giveaway!

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    100 Terrwyn Tokens Giveaway!

    Hey Guys enter for a chance to win 100 Terrwyn Tokens! Winners will be chosen November 21st! All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread! Tell me an interesting fact! Anything at all! I want to learn something.

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    Ħєʅʅᴏ! ɨ?м Ɗιяҝ ɨ ʅιҝє ƑѧŋƈƳ ʅєȶєяƨ. αℓsσ ι?м נυsт вαcк ғяσм α вяεαк αη∂ vεяү εxcιтε∂ ғσя тнε ηεω sεαsση!

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    Random fact

    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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    Rostov on Don

    1. Two people approach the river. On the coast of the boat, which can withstand only one. Both men crossed to the opposite bank. How?

    2. Where is it that a horse jumps over a horse?

    3. Sherlock Holmes walked down the street. and suddenly he saw a dead woman lying on the ground. He approached, opened her bag and took out the phone. In tel. the book he found her husband's number. He called. He speaks:
    - Come here urgently. Your wife is dead. And after a while my husband arrives. He looks at his wife and says:
    - Oh, honey, what happened to you ???
    And then the police arrive. Sherlock points his finger at the woman?s husband and says:
    - Arrest this man. It was he who killed her. Question: Why did Sherlock think so?

    4. Bank is on the table. It is worth it so that one half of it is in the air and the other is on the table. What lies in the bank, if in half an hour it falls? And why?

    5. A man went to sea and fell into a storm. He was carried to an island where there were no men, but only girls lived. In the morning he woke up all over the ropes at some ritual and learned that they want to kill him. And he asked for the last word. after he told him, the girls made him a boat, gave him food, water, and sent him home. What did he say?

    6. A student of the 1st grade solves this riddle in 5 minutes, a high school student in 15 minutes, a student in 1 hour, the professor will never solve. Riddle: decipher oddchpshvvdd train travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg with a delay of 10 minutes, and the other from St. Petersburg to Moscow with a delay of 20 minutes. Which of these trains will be closer to Moscow when they meet?

    8. It is known that among nine coins there is one false one, which has less weight than the rest. How to determine a fake coin with the help of two weighing scales?

    9. There are two cords, each of which burns by the hour, but burns unevenly. How to measure 45 minutes using these two cords and matches?

    10. On a smooth board they put 2 bricks - one flat and the other on the edge. bricks weigh the same. Which brick slips off first if you tilt the board?

    11. Cat - 3 Horse - 5 Rooster - 8 Donkey - 2 Cuckoo - 4 Frog - 3 Dog -?

    12. There were three criminals: Belov, a bear cub, Chernov the bastard, and the pickpocket Ryzhov. ?It's amazing that one of us has black, the second is white, and the third is red hair, but none of the hair color matches the last name,? said the black-haired. ?And the truth is ...,? said Belov, a bear cub. What is the pickpocket's hair color?

    13. You are standing in front of three switches. behind an opaque wall are three light bulbs off. You need to manipulate the switches, go into the room and determine which light bulb which switch belongs to.

    14. There is a wall of concrete with a height of 3 meters, a length of 20 meters and a weight of 3 tons. how to bring it down without any aids and tools?

    15. A father with two sons went camping. On their way there was a river, on the shore of which there was a raft. He stands on the water or a father or two sons. How to cross to the other side of the father and sons?
    Do not peep) First, think for yourself.

    1. They were on different shores.
    2. In chess.
    3. Because Holmes did not tell him the address.
    4. Ice
    5. Let the ugliest kill me.
    6. 1,2,3,4 ...
    7. At the time of the meeting, they will be at the same distance from Moscow.
    8.1th weighing: 3 and 3 coins. Fake coin in the pile that weighs less. If equal, then fake in the third pile. 2nd weighing: From the heap with the lowest weight, 1 and 1 coins are compared. If equal, then fake is the remaining coin.
    9. It is necessary to set fire to the first cord simultaneously from both ends - this is 30 minutes. Simultaneously with the first cord we set fire to the second cord from one end, and when the first cord burns out in 30 minutes, we ignite the second cord from the other end - we get the remaining 15 minutes.
    10. Bricks will begin to slide simultaneously. Both bricks put pressure on the board with the same force, which means that the friction forces that they have to overcome are the same. The specific friction forces per square centimeter of the contact area between the bricks and the board are naturally not equal. but the total friction forces acting on the bricks, equal to the product of the specific friction force and the contact surface area, will be the same.
    11. Cat - meow (3), Horse - and-go-go (5), Rooster - ku-ka-re-ku (8), Donkey-i-a (2), ..., Dog - woof (3)
    12. White - not white because of the name and not black, as he replied to the black-haired. That is, Belov - red. Chernov is not black because of his surname and is not red, as Belov is a red bear. Pickpocket Ryzhov was black.
    13. Turn on the two switches. After some time one turn off. enter the room. One light bulb will be lit from the on switch, the second one will be hot from the on and off, the third one will be cold, from the untouched
    14. The thickness of such a wall will be no more than two centimeters, which allows you to push it with your hand.
    15. First, both sons are ferried. one of the sons returns to his father. Father moves to the opposite bank to his son. The father remains on the beach, and the son is transported to the source bank after the brother, after which they both are sent to the father.

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    Smth interesting

    If you give me the 100 tokens i'll tell you something interesting

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    Has hairy feets

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    Funny laws


    In Greece, any student who has added his teacher as a friend in social networks must assess his photo and leave a comment.
    It is forbidden to give birth to pregnant girls in China
    in Canada, a person who stole toilet paper in a store is obliged to use it all, right in the store
    In Italy it is forbidden to drink coffee without a girl
    In Holland, a person smoking marijuana is prohibited from pretending to be a dead lizard in front of children
    In Belgium, cats are not allowed to compliment

    in China, the tax on the third child exceeds the tax on the maintenance of lamborghini Murcielago
    In Canada, persons under the age of 16 are prohibited from registering on social networks.
    In Australia, a girl with brown eyes, pays for a taxi with a 10% discount
    in Holland a student has the right to shoot a teacher if the teacher wears a mustache like Hitler?s
    In Indonesia, women are forbidden to tell cats where her husband?s sneakers are hidden
    In Belgium, it is forbidden to sleep with your wife if her nail is broken.
    In Ireland, students are not allowed to die during the session.
    in California, parents are forbidden to feed their children food bags
    In Greece, students who know how to break dance, have the right to spin on his head right on the exam
    In Greece, a man who dances with a girl is only obliged to look at her chest
    In Croatia it is forbidden to cut your nails with a grinder
    in Australia it is forbidden to have sex in a burning room
    In Indonesia, a woman has the right to set her ears on fire for anyone who overhears her telephone conversation.
    In China, a dying student presents an award
    In India, it is prohibited for a woman to make 98 consecutive coplications
    It is forbidden to wash your head in China
    in Ohio, women are forbidden to pull out eyebrows at the wheel
    In Argentina, a wife can only be called a fat one if she weighs more than a dining car
    In China, a girl who does not know how to cook is considered a prostitute
    In Serbia, you can only beat your wife with your right foot.
    in Michigan it is forbidden to make a tattoo with a portrait of the president on the buttocks
    In Florida, it is forbidden to whistle or hum in the toilet
    In Serbia, a student has the right not to pass an exam to a preplanner who has dandruff
    in Belgium, students are prohibited from taking a drill during the exam and starting to screw the screws into the floor
    In Serbia it is forbidden to sing if your mouth is like a dump
    In Ireland, a girl with a first-size breast gets an extra point on all exams.
    in Holland, smoking marijuana with a sad face is strictly prohibited
    In Canada, if you smoke in public transport, you have the right to throw out of the bus on the go
    In Italy, a woman on her birthday is allowed to ride a free taxi all day
    in the Czech Republic a policeman has the right to kiss and hug a passer-by girl, if he noticed that she was crying, this is considered spiritual help.
    In India it is forbidden to hide a drill in the mouth
    In Ireland, a man who sees a woman with heavy bags, is obliged to call her a taxi
    in Ethiopia, only adults can set people on fire
    In Ethiopia, it's forbidden to fry people longer than potatoes
    In Belgium, tea is allowed only for women
    In Norway, women can wear false teeth only with the written permission of her husband.
    In Mexico, it is forbidden to have sex in the morgue
    in Greece, only a girl whose leg is smaller than 42 size can invite a girl to dance
    In Spain, a woman on her birthday is given a 40% discount at any clothing store
    In Norway, allowed to have sex in the courtroom
    In Australia, a student is forbidden to advise a teacher to die.
    in Belgium a man is forbidden to make a proposal to a dead girl
    In Belgium, a student is not allowed to take exams if he dies near the dean's office
    In Finland, your social media page is blocked if you systematically make grammatical errors when writing messages
    In Hungary, a non-smoking student has the right to automatically take one exam of choice.
    In Indonesia, it is forbidden to die with a negative balance on the phone
    In Finland, it is allowed not to stop at the request of the police if you have a headache
    In South Africa, prostitution is legal.
    in Holland it is allowed to smoke marijuana at work if you have a new hairstyle
    In Ireland, men are forbidden to beat his wife on the buttocks on Tuesday
    In Spain, a student who does not know the ticket issued to him on the exam, is obliged to dance for the teacher salsa
    In Italy it is forbidden to buy pasta up to 16 years
    in China, men are forbidden to deceive tourists from other countries, posing as Jackie Chan
    In Africa, women are prohibited from marrying a chimpanzee
    In Mexico, a person has the right not to pay for dinner at a restaurant if he found a dead moose on a plate
    in Belgium, on a student?s day, students are allowed to call all teachers according to their nicknames
    In Denmark, it is allowed not to go to work if you dreamed that today is a holiday
    In Finland, a girl is forbidden to call for help if she is worn by a blond
    in the state of South Carolina (USA) it is prohibited to keep horses in the bathroom
    In China, it is forbidden to have children without their consent
    In Greece, is considered a betrayal, if you called your loved one by another name
    In India, a woman is forbidden to work as a prostitute if she was already called that in childhood
    in Argentina it is forbidden to faint during sex
    In Venice, the wife does not have the right to feed her husband
    In Indonesia, girls with first-size breasts are allowed to pay for purchases without waiting in any supermarket.
    It is forbidden to eat breakfast in India with open eyes
    in Canada, a student has the right not to go to the exam if the train has moved both legs
    In Estonia, it is allowed to feed Nikita Dzhigurda dog food
    In Sweden, if you do not brush your teeth, you will be fined 100 euros.
    in Argentina if a dog barks at you, you have the right to bark at it in response, but you have no right to bite it
    In Denmark, it is forbidden to cry with open eyes
    In Indonesia, it is forbidden to smile during your wedding
    In Germany, girls at weekends are allowed to have breakfast at McDonalds with a 50 percent discount.
    in india the student has the right not to go for the exam if he died on sunday
    In Estonia, it is forbidden to tell a person time for 10 minutes
    In Estonia, Nikita Dzhigurde forbidden to growl at dogs
    In India, it is forbidden to sing songs in a coffin
    In Bulgaria, it is still customary to assume that Philip Kirkorov is a man
    in Indonesia it is allowed to pull out all the hair to someone who does not wash them
    In Ireland, a person has the right to demand a salary increase if he has been cut into two parts with an ax
    In Denmark, a student who has fallen asleep in class has the right to sleep only on his stomach.
    in Holland, a student is allowed to leave classes if he has a battery on his phone
    In Finland, a girl who put a sad status in social networks, is obliged to go sad all day
    In Arizona, under the threat of a fine it is forbidden to put a donkey to sleep in the bathroom
    in Clarendon, it is forbidden to wipe dust from public buildings with a brush made from feathers.
    In Mexico, a student has the right to beat a teacher if the teacher behaves like a dog that has broken the chain.
    In Canada, it is forbidden to go to the dentist without teeth
    police officers in California are not allowed to wash their patrol cars with old underwear
    In Canada, it is forbidden to write social networks about your personal life
    In Holland, people who have nothing to pay in a bar are forbidden to pretend to be a floor cloth.
    in the Turkish hotel Russian tourists are forbidden to set fire to the police, shouting "Garbage!"
    In Mexico, the newlyweds employer is obliged to pay four salaries on the day of the wedding
    In Ireland, a student who does not use cosmetics, has the right to sleep in the classroom
    in Uruguay, a shark-like student gets an exam with a gun
    In Italy, students are allowed not to attend college if they are stupid.
    In Hungary, it is forbidden to shout obscene words during a fall from a ladder
    In India, students sleeping in the classroom are given pillows, provided that they will not snore
    in Ireland, your social networking page is automatically blocked if you make more than three grammatical errors a week
    In Finland, a man dressed in Santa Claus has the right not to pay for purchases in the supermarket
    in Egypt you can spit in the face of a person if he called you a dog!
    In Austria, children are forbidden to eat ice cream.
    In Ireland it is forbidden to read books for children at night.
    In the Czech Republic it is forbidden to dance a waltz in a shop if you look like an elephant.
    In Germany it is forbidden to use the fingers of the wife as a plug.
    In Portugal, it is forbidden to smell toilets from neighbors.
    in Denmark it is forbidden to lick the windows of neighbors.
    In India it is forbidden to die in rainy weather.
    In Spain, a non-smoking girl buys cosmetics with a 90 percent discount
    In Mexico, it is forbidden for people to bite off their ears if you are under 18
    in Greece, a student is allowed to wear a teacher if the teacher is dressed as a prostitute
    In Denmark, it is forbidden to set fire to a person if he has an iPhone
    In Mexico, husbands are forbidden to ride on the mother-in-law
    In Oklahoma, a student has the right not to go to college if he is dead.
    in China it is forbidden to work less than 18 hours a day.
    In China, Santa Claus can only be Jackie Chan or Dzhigurda
    In Australia, it is forbidden to wash your hair more than once a month if you are married.
    In Germany, it is forbidden to fart sitting.
    India is forbidden to talk politics with women
    in China, a woman has the right to castrate her husband if he cheated on her with her own sister
    In Canada, a student who has 100 percent attendance throughout the year has the right to a weekly rest on the island of Bora Bora
    In Australia, it is forbidden to kiss your wife if she fries eggs
    in Canada there is a kebab can only man
    In Mexico, you are allowed to change your wife if she cheated on you with a doorknob
    In Brazil, men are forbidden to call their dog the name of his wife
    In India it is forbidden to sing songs in a coffin if you have a bad voice.
    In Holland, it is allowed to sell beer to children from the age of 12
    in Austria it is forbidden to sew up socks
    In Serbia, every man is obliged to kiss his wife at least 50 times a day
    In Africa, it is forbidden to shout "Oh yes!" During sex
    In India, people are allowed to brush their ears.
    In Mexico, dead people are forbidden to float on a city beach
    in India it is forbidden to die without washing the dishes
    In India it is forbidden to die without having washed the dishes of the neighbors.
    Ireland students are not allowed to die during the session
    In Ohio, cats are allowed to run for president
    in Mexico, if you smiled or winked at an unfamiliar girl, you may be arrested for attempted rape
    In Canada, it is forbidden to dry hair if you are bald
    In the state of California, a man is forbidden to smile at a girl if he looks like a crocodile
    In Virginia, it is forbidden to sit on the splits
    in Finland it is forbidden to give a girl a bouquet that is smaller than her height
    In Denmark it is forbidden to smell flowers.
    In Canada, if you smoke in public transport, you have the right to be kicked out of the bus on the go.
    In Australia, it is forbidden to ride on the police
    in Denmark, a woman is allowed to break her hand to anyone who pointed a finger at her
    In India, students are forbidden to get up during class and start singing love songs.
    In China, a woman who has not experienced an orgasm for six months after the wedding has the right to file for divorce
    In India it is forbidden to have children in May
    in Indonesia men are forbidden to eat their mother-in-law
    In Norway it is forbidden to dance boogie boogie near the city court
    In Hungary, it is forbidden to kiss his wife, with a chainsaw in hand
    In Estonia, Nikita Dzhigurde forbidden to growl at dogs
    In India, it is forbidden to sing songs in a coffin
    in Bulgaria it is still commonly believed that Philip Kirkorov is a man
    In Indonesia, allowed to pull out all the hair to those who do not wash

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    Feng Shui
    This word has long become popular, and many people try to live this way: according to Feng Shui. But few people know that Feng Shui in its original form is the art of decorating graves. So, before you blindly follow some directions, you need to figure out where the "legs grow" .

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    Flying back bird

    We are all accustomed to and almost all are confident that the birds only fly forward. It turns out that there is a bird that can turn the perception of many people by the fact that its abilities are a little wider and it can fly backwards. And the name of this bird is hummingbird

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    Mushrooms can move around

    Until today, 90% of the population was convinced that mushrooms are plants, and that they do not have a mind. But further reading of this item will make people take a different look at mushrooms.
    the fact is, the fungi of the species Physarum polycephalum are endowed with intelligence that allows the mushrooms not only to ?think?, but also to ?predict?. In case this mushroom is made to move in the direction of food, then it is able to overcome labyrinths and find the shortest way to the exit. in addition, they are able to memorize their actions and reproduce them again and again. The movement of this type of fungi is possible due to the presence of protoplasm. And what is most surprising is that these mushrooms do not have a brain and nervous system. These mushrooms can serve as an example of ?willpower?: they do not consume the harmful, but monitor the balance of proteins and carbohydrates.

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