Greetings Hero,
5th Tournament Season of 2018 for Main Worlds has been declared!
We will run a series of Events from 11/16 to 11/29! Players and Alliances who collect the biggest amount of 2018 S5 Trophies can win prizes for themselves and their Alliance members.
Who will be the Champion in Elves vs. Dwarves?

Please see the information below to learn more details on how the series will be scored.
1) Individual HW: Event Center Tracking - Collect "2018 S5 Individual Trophy"
2) Individual XW: Event Center Tracking - Collect "2018 S5 Individual(XW) Trophy"
3) Alliance HW: Highest Alliance Trophy Count x 100 + Individual Trophies - Collect "2018 S5 Alliance Trophy + 2018 S5 Individual Trophy"
4) Alliance XW: Highest Alliance XW Trophy Count x 100 + Individual XW Trophies - Collect "2018 S5 Alliance(XW) Trophy + 2018 S5 Individual(XW) Trophy"

There will be 3 different AXW groupings for both the competitions themselves and the final season result.

In addition to running Regular Individual Competitions for trophies, we will also run Goal Oriented Competitions throughout the season. There will be no schedule for this as they will correspond with the regular competitions, but not every competition will have a goal competition running side by side. You will earn both XW and HW Trophies from the Goal Competitions.

*We will lock Alliances starting from 11/16/2018 4:00 UTC, until prizes are paid out.
*Scheduled events on certain days might be changed slightly when necessary, but we will always let you know in advance.

May the Spirit guide you, Hero!