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Thread: Hello Heroes! Some news about this week!

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    Hello Heroes! Some news about this week!

    We have had a fun October Month and I know I promised there would be big news coming for New Servers soon!
    New Servers had their October Season draw to a close and they should be getting their rewards soon.

    The Halloween event is also drawing to a close on 178 and 179 As part of that reward a few of you may have noticed you're receiving new city deeds!The next city will be introduced into servers 178/179 !

    Main World's should be getting their Halloween prizes this week.

    The November Season (though originally planned to start this week) will be starting next week!

    Tomorrow the 199 World Boss Take Down event kicks off at 17:00 UTC. There will also be troop kills going on the same time to double up on prizes!
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