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Thread: 100 Terrwyn Tokens Giveaway!

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    100 Terrwyn Tokens Giveaway!

    Hey Guys enter for a chance to win 100 Terrwyn Tokens! Winners will be chosen November 7th! All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread! Do you prefer coffee or tea and why?

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    Tea taste cold water ha ha ha sorry
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    Coffee is certainly good, but alas, tea brings more benefits if you are very good at sorting. Zhen Shen fills you with aroma, hibiscus in general is beautiful. A Puer good exposure is very invigorating, but to taste it is not very.) Therefore, tea can create a range of sensations.

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    I'm British and have tea, nothing beats an Earl Grey. Coffee is for when I need to poop!

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    I drink coffee and tea, and I prefer them together, depending on the situation) In the morning there is always a strong cup of aromatic coffee, there are two .. I drink tea during the day, tea is different from the simplest to the most expensive and tasty) I drink the last tea , I was brought from India)

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    Coffee wake me up

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    I choose TEA! Obviously tea is just a lot more healthy and less boring than Coffee. It can also wake you up in the morning, but still has lots of different tastes.

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    For the caffeine boost!
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    Coffee of course!

    There's nothing better than a good coffee to be active in the mornings

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    And tea and coffee

    Ooh yeah!!! I prefer these two beautiful drinks) I start my day with a strong cup of coffee, it invigorates me, I immediately wake up and go to work. And I finish my day with a light drink of real Indian tea ...))

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