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    After centuries of thrilling adventures, the Night Knight felt it was time to get back home, and maybe to get rid of his undeath at last. So, he whistled to call his friend Nightmare, and rode again into the forests to meet his Druid old friends for the last time.

    But he could not find Gwynastir, the home of the Sun Mages, Dryard or even the greatest of them all, once led by the bold daughter of Ariadna Fae. He could not even feel the sweet breeze carried by the fair goddess Rhiannon, or the majestic presence of her mother Nathra Verdaine. Not even a single Thorn Witch caring for those old and sick trees...

    Sir Valamir arrived to the Forgotten Lands, once the glorious Kingdom of Camelot. The King, his Knights and Paladins left the castle into oblivion, and the crows and vultures were the only guests in. He sadly looked at the full moon, remembering his brave sister in darkness, Chastity Ann Mary... maybe expecting something moving in the high skies, but it seemed even the Angels have left the whole world lost...

    - "Soon we will rejoin, my dear Lady of the Moon... I feel there is nothing left to do in this desert, and I am ready to end this damned vampire life... I will only regret to leave you, Nightmare, my dear horse... I have never found the way to thank that grim flesh-eater Balin enough for letting you go fighting with me..."

    Dawn was near, and Valamir felt someone beside him at last. Gaznar, Death, his partner in many battles, was called by the knight' soul. A soul eagering to pass out...

    - "I can feel you want to come with me... Well, I can save you that pain with a swift rip if you wish me to... that's the only thing I can do for you now, Sir Fangs..."

    - "No, please... I gonna see the shining sun for the last time, my grim friend. I leave my soul in your hands, and I hope not to be so punished for my deeds, but... who knows?"

    - "Sir Valamir... I thought we... Death Spirits... were not able to drop tears, but... damn... another myth broken... Farewell... and good luck..."

    The sun was slowly coming out of the horizon, and slowly burning out Valamir, who was quietful looking at it, with a smile on his face. When he was no more able to see and stand up, the Death Spirit sadly beheaded him to end his agony.

    And, maybe for the first time, he bitterly hated his job...
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