Hello Heroes!

Dark forces are fast approaching Camelot this Halloween season. Word has spread that the ruthless Wicked Morgan is making her way to Camelot! Her wickedness will consume all those who dare to challenge her.
Join our spook-tastic Smashing Pumpkins Event now for a chance to win the 7★ cards Wicked Morgan, Conomor Bluebeard, Dryad Karya, Mother Rhea or other incredible cards!

Reward Cards include:
? 7★ cards
? 6★ cards
? 5★ cards
? 4★ cards
? 3★ cards

1. Pumpkins will be consumed prior to Gems.
2. It costs 2 Pumpkins or 60 Gems to open a Pumpkin, and 1 Pumpkin or 30 Gems to refresh the card queue. If the Pumpkin contains a candy, you will not be charged.
3. Smashing Pumpkins charges your energy bar, but we can't say the same for refreshing the card queue. Once you're on fire, each card will be dealt face up.
4. If you quit halfway, you can pick up right where you left off later, but the fire status will fade whether you're in the game or not.
Join the spooky feast and you shall have all powerful cards your heart desires!


HOC Team