Spooky Joy!

Halloween is here, come check out what Camelot is up to.

An uninvited guest has arrived! Mystic and lively, this wicked-looking Jack-o'-lantern didn't come just to enjoy the eerie atmosphere of Halloween--he has come to play treat or trick!
My honorable champions, are you ready for his pranks?

1. Log in during Oct 31 to Nov 2 to interact with the Jack-o'-lantern. Strange events will occur every time you talk with him.
2. You may get bonus Gems or new card shards for free, but you may also need to give 5 candies to him in exchange. Please note that the lantern can only take up to 100 candies from you per day.
3. In case you need more candies to play with the lantern, the 100 Candies Pack ($ 2.99) in the shop might come in handy.

Happy Halloween!

HOC Team