Please be aware! There will be a war day event on main worlds starting at 15:00 Game Time on Saturday the 27th, it will be a 48 hour event.
To See the Prizes, Please Click on the event, and click the info button.

War Days Works as Follows:
- It is an OPTIONAL EVENT! If you do not want to participate, you do not have to, but if you do not Opt-in before the event starts, you will not be able to participate in the event.
- If you opt-in All of your gates will be opened, meaning all five cities will be opened. You cannot close your city during the duration of the event.
- You do however have the ability to use protection runes.
- Only those who opt-in will be able to participate, if you do not opt-in that means you will not score in the event.
- Those who do not opt-in will not be able to attack anyone who opted in for the duration of the event.
This means, you will only be allowed to attack those who opted-in.

Please note, the gates open immediately at the start of the event and close at the end of the event. The graphic (Hidden/Unhidden) may take up to 5 minutes to change. Your Gates will not be open unless you Opt-In.
Also, to Opt-in, you have to click the blue "Join" button on the event in the event center. Once again, it is optional, and your gates will not open until the event starts, even if you hit join several hours ahead.

As always, please report any bugs with the event to us.

Good Luck!