Enevald has sensed something unusual. With his heighten senses he foresaw a Screaming Specter, a Sluggish Skull, and a Cackling Pumpkin. The Screaming Specter screamed, "Wake up and get ready you lazy bones!" The Sluggish Skull remained silent and kept a poker face. The Cackling Pumpkin roared with laughter. "Well, well," smiled Enevald, "This could only mean one thing - Halloween is coming!" Enevald has shared some of his power with you, Hero. In order to stop these creatures from doing harm to the lands of Elves and Dwarves, you must start capturing them today at 15:00 UTC, until the Halloween Event ends. The more Cackling Pumpkins you capture, the better reward you will get. Screaming Specters and Sluggish Skulls can be traded for various types of rewards in Lake Town Tower starting from Oct 24th, 15:00 UTC. You shall learn more about the rewards next week, but don't hesitate to start capturing the creatures today!