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Thread: 100 Terrwyn Tokens Giveaway!

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    100 Terrwyn Tokens Giveaway!

    Hey Guys enter for a chance to win 100 Terrwyn Tokens! Winners will be chosen October 24th! All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread! What are you going to be for Halloween?

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    100 Tokens

    With the lack of a season, 100 Terrwyn tokens would be some compensation.

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    Ops, i try be good looking, a hard work but i have to try hahahahahaha

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    Reaper from Overwatch (first cosplay btw)

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    Dress up as a Spartan and run around shouting

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    100 free tokens

    I'll be logging on to elves vs dwarves to do my 30 seconds of effort to donate for points (which is quicker than me writting this post) checking as usual there is nothing to do before subsequently logging off to play other games.

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    No halloween for me. Kids will be dressed up tho as scary zombies

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    Have fun and get drunk with my friends.

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    Every year we celebrate this holiday with a circle of friends, we have a big house outside the city, we will dress up absolutely everything there in terrible ... we have special competitions dedicated to helluin, I personally will be dressed in the costume of the hero "VENOM" ...)

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    We will celebrate in the club at night, where thousands of people and everyone are dressed in scary costumes of various monsters))) I will be a princess with a broken head ...))) xi

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