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    Special Clothing

    I would like to ask what are the designated clothing level to get the special clothing by synthesizing clothing start from level 4 with fashion cores. For example I have level 4 weapon which is the Vampiric Fury, if I synth it with fashion cores is there a chance that I can get another special clothing? or I need to accelerate my level 4 into level 5 before I can get another special clothing. I want the Evil Dragon Horn special clothing so I keep trying it with my level 4 with cores but keep failing.

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    You would need level 5 or level 6 weapon slot clothing to synthesize with fashion cores to obtain the Evil Dragon Horn special clothing. Only other special clothing that can be obtained by synthesis besides Vampiric Fury and Evil Dragon Horn is Emperor's Seal (this will always roll when you obtain a level 9 weapon).

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