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Thread: Divination Lab vs Upkeep with City 1 as Troop City

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    Divination Lab vs Upkeep with City 1 as Troop City

    I think I finally figured out how to take care of this food upkeep issue for majority of players that have the troop city in City 1 with the new Divination Lab. With this, you won't need to eliminate upkeep from the cities nor worry about making Fleeting Feasts more readily available.

    Create a new Hero: Sir Agric Of Ulture

    His Skills (these aren't too exciting):

    - March On (Lv 1): Of course this lead tier 1 troops during March
    - Farming (Lv 1): Agric's vast knowledge Seed and Soils increases food production +150%
    - Victual Sense (Lv 1): Agirc's superior research in food nutrition leads to astonishing breakthroughs to reduce troop upkeep -50%.

    But this is where it gets interesting and innovative?

    His fates:

    Fate 1:
    - Requires Grassland
    - When sent to Reinforce Grasslands, Agric's ability to seed the land hardens the convictions of the troops and decreases the need for upkeep -50%.
    - Name of this fate: Seed Slinger

    Fate 2:
    - Requires Lake
    - Requires Lady Lynette (since one of her skills is Carriers (Lv 1): Enhance the load capacity of all troops by 69%)
    - Although paired with the love of his life, Lynettte, the two are seldom to together since she must distribute the food throughout the North. Agric uses his unique talents and understanding of what fish like to eat and how to set the hook. Increases food production +150%
    - Name of this fate: Master Baiter

    Maybe you need to tweak the percentages to make this work, but the ultimate outcome is a near zero upkeep level in the city he is assigned to as you elevate Agric. Since upkeep is virtually eliminated this allows players to not only rub out their Divination Lab research one by one, but to change their city scape by erecting new buildings.

    Perhaps the best Hero for KoC yet??? You be the judge!

    Bonz in 128
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    Now we?re talking

    That is an elegant solution to an ongoing problem. Am not an expert in the mechanics behind the development of heroes but if this is possible it could help solve the current upkeep issues. It wouldn?t address the other upkeep issue as you need defensive heroes assigned in your open city to protect rss, those utilising the upkeep glitch would still have an advantage there but it is a great idea. Kudos Bonz 👍🏽

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    This is a great idea! Bonz for mod and/or Gaea employee.really nice out of the box thinking. Like your style :-)

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    thanks for the feedback I'll be sure to get it to the team!

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