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Thread: Divination Lab - obvious problem

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    Divination Lab - obvious problem

    This new feature looks interesting, will be good to move research to new levels BUT it appears that the lab has been placed in my main troop city, after a quick scan of the requirements to further your research levels it seems that food is required. I have a few fleeting feasts left but that isn?t going to get me very far.

    I have no time to move all my troops from that city, it would take days. The castle levels in all my cities are at 23 or above, can I build another lab in another city as we could with the old alchemy lab or will we be stuck with just the one in the first city? If the latter is the case I for one won?t be doing much research 😢😢

    I guess that solutions could be to get rid of upkeep altogether in non hardcore worlds, as desertion isn?t an issue it?s kind of pointless anyway or make fleeting feasts available in campaign?

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    I'm in the same boat. My main city is my troop city. We need to be able to build the lab in the city of our choice otherwise this feature will be useless to many players.

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    I bet 90% of all players have the 1st city as their troop city.

    Please consider either removing the food requirement from this new research, making fleeting feasts more readily available or removing the upkeep altogether. As WhichWitch points out, upkeep is pointless in non-hardcore worlds.

    Bonz in 128

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    We have raised this concern with Gaea staff and suggested several possible solutions. Hopefully they will adopt one of the solutions soon.
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