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Thread: PVP Wold Cup Trophy Count

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    PVP Wold Cup Trophy Count

    Perhaps I am bit thick, but if the leaderboard is incorrect, how can we be certain what place we are actually in?

    This is potentially a big problem. Its not about Gaea seeing them in our inventory. Its about seeing what place I am actually in and how many trophies i need to stay in the bracket I'm in or move up to the next one.

    I would hate to think I finished at the tail end of the Gold bracket but when my prize box arrives in my home world I received a Crystal box. All because of an incorrect leaderboard. A 5 trophy difference can be huge.

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    World Cup Trophies

    It seems as though I'm not the only one getting this problem....And as much as you guys want to brush it off and say " oh we will just count those in your inventory" we still have to have an idea of where we are and how much do we have to grind to get to a certain place...

    This is annoying and could potentially pan out to be a massive problem... Just saying ...

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    Come on now!


    Your response is crap to be frank. Posting your 'latest' leaderboard is just as inaccurate the leaderboard in PvP. Any of the players on fringe of moving up or down a classification can be screwed out two weeks of painstaking, incessant tapping on their glass screens.

    Is there a reason why you cannot extend a one of the scheduled breaks to let's say 30 hours? This would allow all trophies to be claimed, give you the ACTUAL trophy count, and then give you time to reset the leaderboard to the ACTUAL trophy count.

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    I will forward your feedback to the team

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