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Thread: 5th Anniversary Collection Mania!

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    5th Anniversary Collection Mania!

    5th Anniversary Collection Mania!

    Dear Dragon Lords and Ladies!

    Our 5th anniversary celebration is already underway. We hope you have been enjoying the August Calendar and our special anniversary offers. However, these are just a prelude, the major part of our celebration is yet to start!

    Our special anniversary 5-star general, Evianna, will be available for all players who join BOTH STAGES of our celebration events! What's more, we have prepared another 5 star general for each type of the realm. (Please note the newest realm, Pyrgos, will not be included this time.)

    图片1.jpg 图片2.jpg
    Evianna - All Realms
    (293 - Pyrgos not included)
    Sotiris - Normal + HC Realms

    图片3.jpg 图片4.jpg
    Enceladus - Dragon Age Realms Helike - New Realms
    (293 - Pyrgos not included)

    From August 11th to August 26th, there are two stages of events from which you may collect corresponding general shards to exchange for these generals and other amazing rewards.

    图片5.jpg 图片6.jpg 图片7.jpg 图片8.jpg
    All Realms Normal realms Dragon Age Realms New Realm

    Stage 1: August 11th to 18th: Make the 5th Anniversary Cake

    1.Collect cake ingredients, including Flour, Eggs and Candles, from the following events, donate them to the Wizards in the Magic Blimp to obtain points.

    Time Detail
    Wild Boss 8/11-8/18 You may win up to 5 random cake ingredients each day
    Tournament 8/11-8/14 Each day there is one special tournament, from which you may win cake ingredients.
    Dragon Battleground 8/15-8/17
    Chest, Minigame, etc. 8/11-8/18 Can be purchased with Rubies

    2.When your points reach the requirements, you can claim individual rewards. There are 3 tiers of rewards for each player each day. The points reset at 00:00 (UTC) each day. Individual rewards include Sotiris/Enceladus/Helike general shards, troops, Twilight Fossils (depending on different types of realms).

    3.When the total points of all the same-type realms reach the requirements, we will also send rewards to all players of the corresponding realms after August 18th. There are 3 tiers of rewards too. The highest tier rewards 99 Evianna general shards. To achieve this goal, joint efforts are needed.

    Stage 2: August 19th to 26th: Collect 5th Anniversary Cards

    1.Collect Anniversary Cards from the following events and exchange them for more general shards from the Mystery Shop.

    Time Detail
    Wild Boss 8/19-8/26 Max 5 attacks per day
    Arena Shop 8/19-8/26 Can obtain up to 10 cards each day.
    Chest, Minigame, etc. 8/19-8/26 Can be purchased with Rubies
    Facebook 8/19-8/26 Participate in Facebook events to win the cards.

    2.Collect 100 corresponding general shards to exchange for your favorite general in the Mystery Shop.

    3.Each realm has two 5 star generals available for exchange, i.e., Evianna & Sotiris/Enceladus/Helike.

    Please note that to obtain enough general shards, you need to participate in BOTH stages of the events. Don't miss out!

    Have fun!
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